"Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."
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A rare quote post. Why not.

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Matt Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

-Matt Wilstein

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Tonight’s Presidential Debate, in a Single Photo.
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Kevin took this photo of my first encounter with dry ice. 

Kevin took this photo of my first encounter with dry ice. 

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Desire Me from Lauren Sieczkowski on Vimeo.

One boy's confusing relationship with monogamy and desire.

Erin Crumpacker
Hana El-Assad
Sarah Natochenny
Lauren Sieczkowski

Edited by: Laura Flynn
Motion by: Jesse Burton
Lit by: Corey Fontana
Special Thanks: Noah Kalina

That’s me in the top left. Much needed fun was had on this shoot. <3


To add a little more heat to this scorching day, here’s a silly video of some hot girls telling you how much they want you.

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Eliza! Eliza!: Dudes - fix your shitty apartment. →

I love you Eliza.


A few weeks ago my friends and I went to a party at a guy’s house. This dude and his friends were very cute and funny, with great arms and taste in music - AND YET upon walking into their apartment my pussy dried up and left. It put on it’s little pussy hat and coat and hailed a cab and I…

My Character Reel. Written and edited by me. Hana El-Assad did an incredible job with make up. Watch it.

Characters in Order of Appearance
MIAO MIAO - Chinese choreographer living in Cincinnati.
TINA TAVERS - Showbiz host of “Tea Time with Tina Tavers” in Playa del Rey, CA.
LANA DEL REY - Appears on “Tea Time with Tina Tavers.”
ANGELINA JOLIE - Appears on “Tea Time with Tina Tavers.”
MAYBELLINE WHITE - West Virginian.
SOFA - Older Russian lady with hoarding problem.
NATALIE PORTMAN - I love you, Natalie Portman.
EVELYN WORCHESTSHIREMANLEY - Professional voice actor from England helps Tamara Weg with outgoing voicemail.
LEE DINGLEY - Paranoid Australian teen recently adopted by American family.
RUSSELL BRAND - Awkwardly leaves a voicemail for Tamara Weg. It was not his fault.

That&#8217;s me on an Onandogan Lake. 

That’s me on an Onandogan Lake. 

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A preview of my character reel. Tako Yamamoto will from now on be referred to as Miao Miao. Its cleaner. 

My first meme. Special thanks to Sam and Corey.

My first meme. Special thanks to Sam and Corey.